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Bluefive.nlp (9957B)

      1 [General]
      2 Name=Bluefive Software
      3 GroupCount=8
      4 SoftwareCount=25
      6 [Group0]
      7 Name=All Tools
      8 ShowAll=1
     10 [Group1]
     11 Name=Business
     13 [Group2]
     14 Name=Desktop
     16 [Group3]
     17 Name=Graphic Apps
     19 [Group4]
     20 Name=Network && Internet
     22 [Group5]
     23 Name=Security && Privacy
     25 [Group6]
     26 Name=System Utilities
     28 [Group7]
     29 Name=Web Development
     31 [Software0]
     32 exe=Alarm\Alarm.exe
     33 help=
     34 url=
     35 exe64=
     36 group=2
     37 Name=Alarm
     38 ShortDesc=Alarm is a digital alarm clock.
     39 LongDesc=Alarm is a digital clock that you can set to display a message and play a sound at a time of your choice. It is meant to be of help when you want to be warned while you are working.
     41 [Software1]
     42 exe=ASCIIvalues\ASCIIvalues.exe
     43 help=
     44 url=
     45 exe64=
     46 group=2
     47 Name=ASCIIvalues
     48 ShortDesc=Displays the ASCII value of a key.
     49 LongDesc=ASCIIvalues is a small program that displays the ASCII value of each key as you press it. It shows ASCII character codes for alphabetic, numeric, and symbolic characters.
     51 [Software2]
     52 exe=Beyondo\Beyondo.exe
     53 help=
     54 url=
     55 exe64=
     56 group=6
     57 Name=Beyondo
     58 ShortDesc=Alter your system date.
     59 LongDesc=If you want to alter your system date just for a short period of time then Beyondo is the tool you want.
     61 [Software3]
     62 exe=BootStatus\BootStatus.exe
     63 help=
     64 url=
     65 exe64=
     66 group=6
     67 Name=BootStatus
     68 ShortDesc=Keeps track on how many times your PC boots.
     69 LongDesc=This little thing keeps a log of times you rebooted the PC. Can come in handy. (In my early Win95 days, I created this to actually make sure I wasn't hallucinating about the times I had to reboot...)
     71 [Software4]
     72 exe=DOSname\DOSname.exe
     73 help=
     74 url=
     75 exe64=
     76 group=6
     77 Name=DOSname
     78 ShortDesc=DOSname gets the DOS form of a path or file.
     79 LongDesc=DOSname is a small program that gets you the DOS form of a specified path or file. I've been using this for ages, never came round to actually put it online, but there we are. If you occasionally need to get the (short) form of a path or filename, this tool comes to help.
     81 [Software5]
     82 exe=EmptyDesk\EmptyDesk.exe
     83 help=
     84 url=
     85 exe64=
     86 group=2
     87 Name=EmptyDesk
     88 ShortDesc=EmptyDesk clears your desktop.
     89 LongDesc=EmptyDesk is free easy-to-use windows utility that lets you clear your desktop, removing all the icons, with just a click on a button.
     91 [Software6]
     92 exe=EuroConvert\EuroConvert.exe
     93 help=
     94 url=
     95 exe64=
     96 group=1
     97 Name=EuroConvert
     98 ShortDesc=Euro converter.
     99 LongDesc=EuroConvert is another 'No Nonsense' tool that allows you to convert an Euro value to one of the twelve European currencies or vice versa.
    101 [Software7]
    102 exe=FontPage\FontPage.exe
    103 help=
    104 url=
    105 exe64=
    106 group=3
    107 Name=FontPage
    108 ShortDesc=FontPage lets you examine your fonts.
    109 LongDesc=FontPage lets you examine and compare all of the fonts on your system. You can also print out a specimen page for any font, or print a list of them. FontPage has its own character table, a compare tool, and can preview uninstalled fonts.
    111 [Software8]
    112 exe=HEXwrite\HEXwrite.exe
    113 help=
    114 url=
    115 exe64=
    116 group=6
    117 Name=HEXwrite
    118 ShortDesc=ASCII converter.
    119 LongDesc=HEXwrite immediately converts your keyboard input into HEX or ASCII, depending on what program mode you selected. There's two to choose from: "ASCII to HEX" and "HEX to ASCII". Output can be copied to the clipboard for further use.
    121 [Software9]
    122 exe=HTMLcolor\HTMLcolor.exe
    123 help=
    124 url=
    125 exe64=
    126 group=7
    127 Name=HTMLcolor
    128 ShortDesc=Advanced HTML-color picker.
    129 LongDesc=Advanced HTML-color picker: Configure your own colors (RGB input) and paste the results (HTML code) in your web document. Previews fore, back and links-colors. Option to load image files. HTMLcolor even creates web-pages.
    131 [Software10]
    132 exe=HTMLlink\HTMLlink.exe
    133 help=
    134 url=
    135 exe64=
    136 group=7
    137 Name=HTMLlink
    138 ShortDesc=Easily create HTML code for Internet links.
    139 LongDesc=With HTMLlink you can easily create HTML source code for Internet links. I wrote this utility to quickly manage a sort of "News headlines".
    141 [Software11]
    142 exe=InTime\InTime.exe
    143 help=
    144 url=
    145 exe64=
    146 group=4
    147 Name=InTime
    148 ShortDesc=Synchronize your system time.
    149 LongDesc=InTime is a small time synchronizer that allows you to set your system time over the internet, using more than a dozen NTP servers to choose from (you can also add your own). Run the program, select a time server from the list and click Synchronize.
    151 [Software12]
    152 exe=IPaddress\IPaddress.exe
    153 help=
    154 url=
    155 exe64=
    156 group=4
    157 Name=IPaddress
    158 ShortDesc=IPaddress lets you view/copy/email your IP.
    159 LongDesc=Want a quick view at your IP address? Then get IPaddress! It's a tiny utility that finds your IP address and lets you copy it to the computer's clipboard. You can then paste it from there into whatever application or doc that requires it.
    161 [Software13]
    162 exe=Lodger\Lodger.exe
    163 help=
    164 url=
    165 exe64=
    166 group=2
    167 Name=Lodger
    168 ShortDesc=Reminder.
    169 LongDesc=This easy-to-configure program will notify you of certain events. With its simple and intuitive interface it's great for those anniversaries, birthdays, meetings.
    171 [Software14]
    172 exe=Mince\Mince.exe
    173 help=
    174 url=
    175 exe64=
    176 group=5
    177 Name=Mince
    178 ShortDesc=Text encryption tool.
    179 LongDesc=This is an easy to use and very reliable text encryption tool. Right click a text file, select 'Mince-Encrypt', type a password and your file will be secure from unwanted prying eyes. Double-click to decrypt.
    181 [Software15]
    182 exe=PCLoupe\PCLoupe.exe
    183 help=
    184 url=
    185 exe64=
    186 group=3
    187 Name=PCLoupe
    188 ShortDesc=Magnifier.
    189 LongDesc=PCLoupe is a small display utility that shows a magnified image of the area around your mousepointer in its window. You can move or resize this window, change its refresh rate, and make it topmost if you like.
    191 [Software16]
    192 exe=PIXresizer\PIXresizer.exe
    193 help=
    194 url=
    195 exe64=
    196 group=3
    197 Name=PIXresizer
    198 ShortDesc=PIXresizer is a photo resizing program.
    199 LongDesc=PIXresizer is a photo resizing program to easily create web and email friendly versions of your images with reduced file sizes. The reduced files are saved in a different folder, so your original images are not altered at all.
    201 [Software17]
    202 exe=Recase\Recase.exe
    203 help=
    204 url=
    205 exe64=
    206 group=6
    207 Name=Recase
    208 ShortDesc=Filename case-conversion.
    209 LongDesc=Recase is a tiny but handy folder and filename case-conversion tool: it allows you to equalize your file naming and bring order in your directories! Right click a file (or select a bunch), and select one of the Recase options.
    211 [Software18]
    213 help=
    214 url=
    215 exe64=
    216 group=6
    218 ShortDesc=Filename case-conversion.
    219 LongDesc=Recase is a tiny but handy folder and filename case-conversion tool: it allows you to equalize your file naming and bring order in your directories! Right click a file (or select a bunch), and select one of the Recase options.
    221 [Software19]
    222 exe=RecycleNOW\RecycleNOW.exe
    223 help=
    224 url=
    225 exe64=
    226 group=6
    227 Name=RecycleNOW
    228 ShortDesc=Empties the Recycle Bin.
    229 LongDesc=RecycleNOW is a small utility that, when triggered, immediately empties the Recycle Bin. It is meant to be a time-saver as, especially on slower computers, emptying the Bin can take a while.
    231 [Software20]
    232 exe=SnapShot\SnapShot.exe
    233 help=
    234 url=
    235 exe64=
    236 group=3
    237 Name=SnapShot
    238 ShortDesc=SnapShot is a powerful screen capture tool.
    239 LongDesc=SnapShot is a screen capturing tool that allows you to grab your desktop, window, or any part of the screen and save it as JPG or PNG or send it to your favorite editor, for further editing. You can also e-mail the screen captures from the program.
    241 [Software21]
    242 exe=TABS2spaces\TABS2spaces.exe
    243 help=
    244 url=
    245 exe64=
    246 group=6
    247 Name=TABS2spaces
    248 ShortDesc=TABS2spaces converts tabs to spaces.
    249 LongDesc=TABS2spaces converts tab characters to space characters in text files and on the clipboard. The number of space characters can be customized. The program has the ability to convert multiple files all at once.
    251 [Software22]
    252 exe=TempLAB\TempLAB.exe
    253 help=
    254 url=
    255 exe64=
    256 group=2
    257 Name=TempLAB
    258 ShortDesc=Temperature conversion tool.
    259 LongDesc=Not a real lab, but definitely a handy temperature conversion tool. This tiny instrument will simultaneously show Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin degrees with one push on the slider.
    261 [Software23]
    262 exe=TXTcollector\TXTcollector.exe
    263 help=
    264 url=
    265 exe64=
    266 group=6
    267 Name=TXTcollector
    268 ShortDesc=TXTcollector combines text files
    269 LongDesc=TXTcollector grabs all .txt files from the directory of your choice and combines them into a new (larger) text file. This can come in handy: I use TXTcollector myself to grab a CD full of readme's to enable me to read them all in one go.
    271 [Software24]
    272 exe=XSLaunch\XSLaunch.exe
    273 help=
    274 url=
    275 exe64=
    276 group=6
    277 Name=XSLaunch
    278 ShortDesc=Windows Explorer add-on.
    279 LongDesc=XSLaunch is a simple but a most efficient Windows Explorer add-on which operates from the taskbar. Launch the Windows Explorer like you want it. If you enter or paste URL's in it, it will launch the default web browser.