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GRC.nlp (13412B)

      1 [General]
      2 Name=Gibson Research Corporation
      3 GroupCount=1
      4 SoftwareCount=28
      6 [Group0]
      7 Name=All Utilities
      8 ShowAll=1
     10 [Software0]
     11 exe=am.exe
     12 help=
     13 url=
     14 exe64=
     15 group=0
     16 Name=ASPI ME Media Demo
     17 ShortDesc=Demo of on-the-fly audio synthesis
     18 LongDesc=A small executable demonstration that synthesizes a complex polyphonic sound, using a software FM synthesizer, while unscrambling a sliding tile puzzle. After the puzzle is solved, the resulting wave file is played.
     20 [Software1]
     21 exe=clickey.exe
     22 help=
     23 url=
     24 exe64=
     25 group=0
     26 Name=ClicKey
     27 ShortDesc=Give your keyboard a bit of sound
     28 LongDesc=A simple little utility to add a user-specifiable 'click' sound to any Windows keyboard.
     30 [Software2]
     31 exe=dcombob.exe
     32 help=
     33 url=
     34 exe64=
     35 group=0
     36 Name=DCOMbobulator
     37 ShortDesc=Tame Windows insecure DCOM facility
     38 LongDesc=Ever since Windows 98, a powerful, but unnecessary and rarely used facility known as DCOM (Distributed Component Object Model) has been an integral part of Windows. The DCOMbobulator checks the effectiveness of Microsoft's security patches and allows the user to increase the security of their system by simply turning DCOM off.
     40 [Software3]
     41 exe=dnsbench.exe
     42 help=
     43 url=
     44 exe64=
     45 group=0
     46 Name=DNSBench
     47 ShortDesc=Advanced DNS Benchmark utility
     48 LongDesc=Compare the performance and reliablity of your system's currently configured DNS servers to many publicly available alternatives.
     50 [Software4]
     51 exe=fc.exe
     52 help=
     53 url=
     54 exe64=
     55 group=0
     56 Name=Free & Clear Font Demo
     57 ShortDesc=Sub-pixel font rendering demo
     58 LongDesc=A sub-pixel font rendering demonstration illustrating the technology of splitting LCD pixels for the purpose of enhancing font readability. The details are described on our Free & Clear web site pages.
     60 [Software5]
     61 exe=fix-cih.exe
     62 help=
     63 url=
     64 exe64=
     65 group=0
     66 Name=FIX-CIH Virus Recovery
     67 ShortDesc=Total recovery from CIH virus damage
     68 LongDesc=Every April, the CIH virus resurfaces and wipes out thousands of hard disk drives by deliberately zeroing their partition, boot, and FAT tables. The first time this happened I wrote this complete post-CIH hard drive recovery utility.
     70 [Software6]
     71 exe=id.exe
     72 help=
     73 url=
     74 exe64=
     75 group=0
     76 Name=IDentify ASPI Devices
     77 ShortDesc=Simple ASPI device display utility
     78 LongDesc=ID checks the visibility of peripheral devices to aid in the diagnosis of ASPI driver problems. Devices shown by ID are visible to the ASPI driver layer and, if they are Iomega drives, can be tested by TIP (Trouble In Paradise).
     80 [Software7]
     81 exe=idserve.exe
     82 help=
     83 url=
     84 exe64=
     85 group=0
     86 Name=ID Serve
     87 ShortDesc=Internet server identification utility
     88 LongDesc=Can your favorite web sites be trusted with your personal and confidential financial and other data? With eCommerce activity growing, malicious hackers are becoming more interested in breaking into Internet servers. But many servers are not secure. This utility helps you to easily determine which Internet servers web sites are using.
     90 [Software8]
     91 exe=inspectre.exe
     92 help=
     93 url=
     94 exe64=
     95 group=0
     96 Name=InSpectre
     97 ShortDesc=Inspect Windows hardware and software for Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities
     98 LongDesc=The Meltdown and Spectre vulnerbilities which swept the PC industry in early 2018 require both hardware and software updates. The combinations and permutations of CPU's motherboards, BIOS, firmware and Windows versions can be very difficult to untangle and understand. GRC's InSpectre utility makes it all very clear.
    100 [Software9]
    101 exe=ip_agent.exe
    102 help=
    103 url=
    104 exe64=
    105 group=0
    106 Name=IP Agent
    107 ShortDesc=Usually optional IP determination utility
    108 LongDesc=In some situations, our popular ShieldsUP! system may need help determining the user's machine IP address. This most often occurs when the web is accessed through browser-configured proxy servers which also intercept secure connections. Some machines may also have multiple IP addresses which need to be selected. This IP Agent utility solves these IP resolution problems.
    110 [Software10]
    111 exe=leaktest.exe
    112 help=
    113 url=
    114 exe64=
    115 group=0
    116 Name=LeakTest
    117 ShortDesc=Personal firewall leakage tester
    118 LongDesc=When LeakTest was released, most personal firewalls were easily fooled. Any malicious program could give itself the same name as a trusted program to gain access to the Internet. LeakTest demonstrates and tests for this simple application "masquerading" vulnerability.
    120 [Software11]
    121 exe=letshare.exe
    122 help=
    123 url=
    124 exe64=
    125 group=0
    126 Name=LetShare
    127 ShortDesc=Quick and simple NetBIOS enabler
    128 LongDesc=When the ShieldsUP! system was first created, I had not discovered how to safely "rebind" network transports as a means for closing the NetBIOS TCP/IP vulnerabilities. So I wrote the LetShare & NoShare utilities to do this quickly and easily (although in a non-standard fashion). Today, the manual rebinding described on the ShieldsUP! pages is the preferred method. LetShare & NoShare still work and can be useful for allowing quick NetBIOS on/off testing.
    130 [Software12]
    131 exe=mousetrap.exe
    132 help=
    133 url=
    134 exe64=
    135 group=0
    136 Name=MouseTrap
    137 ShortDesc=Check your system for MICE!
    138 LongDesc=Quickly check your Windows systems for the presence of potentially dangerous MICE: Metafile Image Code Execution.
    140 [Software13]
    141 exe=mousetrapcmd.exe
    142 help=
    143 url=
    144 exe64=
    145 group=0
    146 Name=MouseTrap (Command Line)
    147 ShortDesc=Check your system for MICE!
    148 LongDesc=Quickly check your Windows systems for the presence of potentially dangerous MICE: Metafile Image Code Execution.
    150 [Software14]
    151 exe=never10.exe
    152 help=
    153 url=
    154 exe64=
    155 group=0
    156 Name=Never10
    157 ShortDesc=Easily disabe (or re-enable) automatic Windows 10 upgrading
    158 LongDesc=Many people are happy with their current version of Windows and would rather than have Microsoft downloading and installing a three gigabyte upgrade to Windows 10. This simple utility uses Microsoft-approved and provided registry and group policy setting to tell 'Get Windows 10' (GWX) not to. It can be run at any time to re-verify or change those settings.
    160 [Software15]
    161 exe=noshare.exe
    162 help=
    163 url=
    164 exe64=
    165 group=0
    166 Name=NoShare
    167 ShortDesc=Quick and simple NetBIOS disabler
    168 LongDesc=When the ShieldsUP! system was first created, I had not discovered how to safely "rebind" network transports as a means for closing the NetBIOS TCP/IP vulnerabilities. So I wrote the LetShare & NoShare utilities to do this quickly and easily (although in a non-standard fashion). Today, the manual rebinding described on the ShieldsUP! pages is the preferred method. LetShare & NoShare still work and can be useful for allowing quick NetBIOS on/off testing.
    170 [Software16]
    171 exe=optout.exe
    172 help=
    173 url=
    174 exe64=
    175 group=0
    176 Name=OptOut
    177 ShortDesc=The original spyware removal tool
    178 LongDesc=My discovery that "Aureate/Radiate" advertising spyware had been installed in tens of millions of PCs without their owners' knowledge or permission led me to create OptOut, the first spyware removal tool. When the Lavasoft folks created the much more comprehensive Ad-Aware freeware, I turned spyware policing over to them. This file remains on our site only because so many off-site web links still point to it.
    180 [Software17]
    181 exe=ppp.exe
    182 help=
    183 url=
    184 exe64=
    185 group=0
    186 Name=Perfect Paper Passwords
    187 ShortDesc=GRC's Open, Secure, Remote Authentication System
    188 LongDesc=This ZIP file contains the PPP.DLL and PPP.EXE which fully implement the CryptoSystem for GRC's Perfect Paper Passwords, one-time password (OTP) remote Internet service authentication system. These files may be freely used to implement identical or similar authentication systems and they are provided for that purpose.
    190 [Software18]
    191 exe=securable.exe
    192 help=
    193 url=
    194 exe64=
    195 group=0
    196 Name=SecurAble
    197 ShortDesc=Display processor's security features
    198 LongDesc=Quickly determine, display, and explore the availability and consequences of the state-of-the-art security-related features available in the system's processor.
    200 [Software19]
    201 exe=shootthemessenger.exe
    202 help=
    203 url=
    204 exe64=
    205 group=0
    206 Name=Shoot The Messenger
    207 ShortDesc=Simple Messenger Service Disable-Enable
    208 LongDesc=Windows NT, 2000, and XP hide an hidden Internet server that is running by default. It receives and accepts, among other things, unsolicited network messages that cause pop-up dialog boxes to appear on the desktop. Internet Spammers have discovered this and are spraying pop-up Spam across the Internet. The Windows Messenger server should never have been running by default, and Microsoft has finally fixed that in Windows 2003, but users of previous Windows need to take responsibility for this themselves.
    210 [Software20]
    211 exe=sib.exe
    212 help=
    213 url=
    214 exe64=
    215 group=0
    216 Name=Small Is Beautiful
    217 ShortDesc=Windows assembly language starter kit
    218 LongDesc=I write all of my Windows and other utilities in 100% pure assembly language. This results in the smallest, fastest, and most efficient programs possible. I created the "Small is Beautiful" kit to help interested assembly language programmers get started writing Windows programs in pure assembly language.
    220 [Software21]
    221 exe=socketlock.exe
    222 help=
    223 url=
    224 exe64=
    225 group=0
    226 Name=SocketLock
    227 ShortDesc=Disable WinXP and 2000 raw sockets
    228 LongDesc=As part of my struggle to convince Microsoft not to ship Windows XP with full raw sockets, I created this "SocketLock" utility. It easily enables and disables the system's raw socket capabilities to show that, contrary to Microsoft's claims, raw sockets are not, and never were, needed by any applications or users.
    230 [Software22]
    231 exe=sockettome.exe
    232 help=
    233 url=
    234 exe64=
    235 group=0
    236 Name=SocketToMe
    237 ShortDesc=Check your Windows OS for raw sockets
    238 LongDesc=I worked quite hard (and failed) to convince Microsoft not to ship Windows XP with full raw socket capabilities built-in. This "SocketToMe" utility lets any Windows user determine the level of raw socket support currently available to the logged on user.
    240 [Software23]
    241 exe=sqrl.exe
    242 help=
    243 url=
    244 exe64=
    245 group=0
    246 Name=Secure Quick Reliable Login
    247 ShortDesc=SQRL sign-in app for Windows.
    248 LongDesc=A fully working, super secure system for eliminating all usernames, eMail, passwords, authenticators for website account sign-in.
    250 [Software24]
    251 exe=tip.exe
    252 help=
    253 url=
    254 exe64=
    255 group=0
    256 Name=Trouble In Paradise
    257 ShortDesc=Check Iomega drive operation
    258 LongDesc=Iomega ZIP and JAZ drives suffer from a head positioning problem (servo stiction) that can actively and permanently damage perfectly good ZIP and JAZ drive media. TIP (Trouble In Paradise) provides an early warning system when a user's drives are beginning to damage its media.
    260 [Software25]
    261 exe=unpnp.exe
    262 help=
    263 url=
    264 exe64=
    265 group=0
    266 Name=UnPlug n' Pray
    267 ShortDesc=Universal Plug & Play management
    268 LongDesc=At the end of 2001, Microsoft revealed a critical defect in Windows XP and ME: Windows' Universal Plug and Play service (UPnP) would allow a malicious hacker to remotely take over any system that was running and exposing the UPnP service to the Internet. This UnPlug n' Pray utility lets anyone check for the presence of the dangerous UPnP service in their system, then easily and safely enable and disable it as needed.
    270 [Software26]
    271 exe=wizmo.exe
    272 help=
    273 url=
    274 exe64=
    275 group=0
    276 Name=Wizmo
    277 ShortDesc=Steve's multipurpose Windows gizmo
    278 LongDesc=Wizmo is a multipurpose miscellaneous Windows utility that provides an array of single-click functions that are missing from Windows. Triggered by a single mouse click, it can do things like power down your system's displays, activate your screen saver, change or mute the audio volume, restart, reboot, or shutdown your system, and much more. It even includes a rather cool built-in "Graviton" screen saver that simulates the motion of any number of mutually gravitationally attracted celestial objects. Check out Wizmo's web page for the current (and growing) complete list of Wizmo's capabilities and features.
    280 [Software27]
    281 exe=xpdite.exe
    282 help=
    283 url=
    284 exe64=
    285 group=0
    286 Name=XPdite
    287 ShortDesc=Crucial Windows XP Vulnerability Fixer
    288 LongDesc=Windows XP has always contained an extremely serious vulnerability which allows any malicious hacker to cause the files contained in any directory to be deleted. This vulnerability can be cured by installing XP's large (50 to 140 MB) Service Pack 1  which is preferable whenever possible. But this free and lightweight XPdite utility fixes the problem quickly and easily for systems not yet running Service Pack 1. A silent running option also makes it ideal for corporate deployment.