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NTCore.nlp (8865B)

      1 [General]
      2 Name=NTCore Utilities
      3 GroupCount=4
      4 SoftwareCount=20
      6 [Group0]
      7 Name=All Utilities
      8 ShowAll=1
     10 [Group1]
     11 Name=System Utilities
     13 [Group2]
     14 Name=PE Utilities
     16 [Group3]
     17 Name=Other Utilities
     19 [Software0]
     20 exe=4gb_patch.exe
     21 help=
     22 url=
     23 exe64=
     24 group=2
     25 Name=4GB Patch
     26 ShortDesc=
     27 LongDesc=This very little tool patches x86 executables in order to let them have 4GB (instead of only 2) of virtual memory on x64 platforms. This tool comes very handy for applications which need a great amount of virtual memory like games, 3D renderization, multimedia etc. To gain these 2GB, you just have to use this tool to patch the executable (*.exe file) of the software you want to have these additional GBs of virtual memory. It can be used by clicking on it and choosing the file or through command line (e.g.: "4gb_patch file.exe"). It automatically creates a backup copy of the original executable.
     29 [Software1]
     30 exe=AntiMida.exe
     31 help=
     32 url=
     33 exe64=
     34 group=1
     35 Name=AntiMida
     36 ShortDesc=
     37 LongDesc=
     39 [Software2]
     40 exe=awfp.exe
     41 help=
     42 url=
     43 exe64=
     44 group=1
     45 Name=AntiWFP
     46 ShortDesc=
     47 LongDesc=
     49 [Software3]
     50 exe=CFF Explorer.exe
     51 help=
     52 url=
     53 exe64=x64\CFF Explorer.exe
     54 group=2
     55 Name=CFF Explorer
     56 ShortDesc=
     57 LongDesc=CFF Explorer was designed to make PE editing as easy as possible, but without losing sight on the portable executableís internal structure. This application includes a series of tools which might help not only reverse engineers but also programmers. It offers a multi-file environment and a switchable interface. Also, itís the first PE editor with full support for the .NET file format. With this tool you can easily edit metadataís fields and flags. If youíre programming something that has to do with .NET metadata, you will need this tool. The resource viewer supports .NET image formats like icons, bitmaps, pngs. Youíll be able to analyze .NET files without having to install the .NET framework, this tool has its own functions to access the .NET format.
     59 [Software4]
     60 exe=DisasMSIL.exe
     61 help=
     62 url=
     63 exe64=
     64 group=3
     65 Name=DisasMSIL
     66 ShortDesc=
     67 LongDesc=DisasMSIL is a free/open disasm engine for the Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL). You can use it any context you wish. There are no license restrictions. The only thing I ask you to do is to send me your bug fixes (if any).
     69 [Software5]
     70 exe=DriverList.exe
     71 help=
     72 url=
     73 exe64=x64\DriverList.exe
     74 group=1
     75 Name=Driver List
     76 ShortDesc=
     77 LongDesc=Very small utility which lists the loaded drivers. The utility is 64-bit compatible and can generate a report file from the list.
     79 [Software6]
     80 exe=DynLogger.exe
     81 help=
     82 url=
     83 exe64=x64\DynLogger.exe
     84 group=2
     85 Name=DynLogger
     86 ShortDesc=
     87 LongDesc=DynLogger logs all dynamically retrieved functions by reporting the module name and the requested function. It can come very handy when one wants to know a "hidden" function used by an application. I recycled the code of a bigger project to write this little application. It's a very small utility, but it might be of use after all. It was tested on XP and Vista, both x86 and x64. It works for .NET application as well. Just start the logging process, the log will be saved after you quit the monitored application.
     89 [Software7]
     90 exe=FilterMon.exe
     91 help=
     92 url=
     93 exe64=x64\FilterMon.exe
     94 group=1
     95 Name=Filter Monitor
     96 ShortDesc=
     97 LongDesc=This utility can list kernel mode filters and also unregister them. Monitored filters are, for instance, registry filters, create process and thread notifications. FilterMon comes both for x64 and x86 and it should work on all Windows systems from Vista RTM to Windows 7 RTM. I can't guarantee that it will work on future versions of Windows as it relies heavily on system internals.
     99 [Software8]
    100 exe=NETUnpack.exe
    101 help=
    102 url=
    103 exe64=x64\NETUnpack.exe
    104 group=2
    105 Name=.NET Generic Unpacker
    106 ShortDesc=
    107 LongDesc=This is a program to dump .NET packed applications. Of course no serious .NET protection relies on packing. In fact, this software shows how easily you can unpack a protected assemly. This .NET Generic Unpacker was written in a couple of hours and despite of the fact that it's very simple, it might turn useful having it: otherwise you have to unpack manually, which is also very easy.
    109 [Software9]
    110 exe=NoDel.exe
    111 help=
    112 url=
    113 exe64=
    114 group=1
    115 Name=NoDel
    116 ShortDesc=
    117 LongDesc=Small utility I wrote for a friend of mine (who needed it for work), it preserves files from deletion in a directory that you choose.
    119 [Software10]
    120 exe=PE Detective.exe
    121 help=
    122 url=
    123 exe64=x64\PE Detective.exe
    124 group=2
    125 Name=PE Detective
    126 ShortDesc=
    127 LongDesc=A freeware PE identifier. This tool was originally designed to be part of the Explorer Suite II, but it can be downloaded separately as well. The PE Detective can scan single PE files or entire directories (also recursevely) and generate complete reports. The PE Detective is deployed along with the Signature Explorer, which is an advanced signature manager to check collisions, handle, update and retrieve signatures
    129 [Software11]
    130 exe=Phoenix Merger.exe
    131 help=
    132 url=
    133 exe64=
    134 group=3
    135 Name=Phoenix Merger
    136 ShortDesc=
    137 LongDesc=
    139 [Software12]
    140 exe=Phoenix Protector.exe
    141 help=Phoenix Protector Help.chm
    142 url=
    143 exe64=
    144 group=3
    145 Name=Phoenix Protector
    146 ShortDesc=
    147 LongDesc=
    149 [Software13]
    150 exe=RebelDotNET.exe
    151 help=
    152 url=
    153 exe64=
    154 group=2
    155 Name=Rebel.NET
    156 ShortDesc=
    157 LongDesc=Rebel.NET is a rebuilding tool for .NET assemblies which is capable of adding and replacing methods and streams. Itís possible to replace only a limited number of methods or every method contained in a .NET assembly. The simplicity of Rebel.NET consists in the replacing process: one can choose what to replace. Rebel.NET is, mainly, a very solid base to overcome every .NET protection and to re-create a fully decompilable .NET assembly. As such, Rebel.NET has to be considered a research project, not an encouragement to violate licensing terms.
    159 [Software14]
    160 exe=ScreenWriter.exe
    161 help=
    162 url=
    163 exe64=
    164 group=3
    165 Name=ScreenWriter
    166 ShortDesc=
    167 LongDesc=This is a little freeware software which makes the writing of screenplays for TV and cinema very easy. It follows the standard american indentation rules and provides autocompletion for characters, places and day times. You can also export your scripts in various file formats.
    169 [Software15]
    170 exe=SNSRemover.exe
    171 help=
    172 url=
    173 exe64=
    174 group=2
    175 Name=SNSRemover
    176 ShortDesc=
    177 LongDesc=This tool removes the Strong Name Signature from .NET Assemblies. I had to code it since all the other tools over the internet didn't work correctly with the new .NET Framework 2.0, which was released a couple of days ago. This tool was coded in plain win32, so like the CFF Explorer it doesn't need the framework to run.
    179 [Software16]
    180 exe=Task Explorer.exe
    181 help=
    182 url=
    183 exe64=x64\Task Explorer.exe
    184 group=3
    185 Name=Task Explorer
    186 ShortDesc=
    187 LongDesc=
    189 [Software17]
    190 exe=VirtualReg Manager.exe
    191 help=
    192 url=
    193 exe64=
    194 group=3
    195 Name=VirtualReg Manager
    196 ShortDesc=
    197 LongDesc=VirtualReg Manager is a utility which creates virtual registry files and is also able to edit them through a regedit-like interface. It provides command line support for automation. Feel free to include this application in your freeware. Since it's a .NET assembly, it works on every Windows platform.
    199 [Software18]
    200 exe=Vista4Experts.exe
    201 help=
    202 url=
    203 exe64=
    204 group=1
    205 Name=Vista4Experts
    206 ShortDesc=
    207 LongDesc=Vista4Experts is kind of a treat for computer experts who don't want security center notifications, User Account Control dialogs, automatic Windows Defender scannings, automatic update installations (which cause you to reboot your system if you don't react quickly enough). People who want MSDN (or google) set as default search engine in the Internet Explorer search bar, who want the start menu power button to shut down the system instead of hibernating it, etc. These and many more fixes are included in Vista4Experts. All of these changes can be discarded, enabled or reversed. Vista4Experts is first the expert utility of its kind and works on every platform.
    209 [Software19]
    210 exe=WIM Installer.exe
    211 help=
    212 url=
    213 exe64=
    214 group=1
    215 Name=WIM Installer
    216 ShortDesc=
    217 LongDesc=A little utility created to handle from a graphical interface and in a extremely easy way setups based on wim images. Regardeless if they have been released by microsoft or not.