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SoftwareOK.nlp (21387B)

      1 [General]
      2 Name=SoftwareOK
      3 GroupCount=8
      4 SoftwareCount=51
      6 [Group0]
      7 Name=All Utilities
      8 ShowAll=1
     10 [Group1]
     11 Name=Business Utilities
     13 [Group2]
     14 Name=Desktop Utilities
     16 [Group3]
     17 Name=Games && Entertainment
     19 [Group4]
     20 Name=Graphic Apps
     22 [Group5]
     23 Name=Network && Internet Utilities
     25 [Group6]
     26 Name=Security && Privacy Utilities
     28 [Group7]
     29 Name=System Utilities
     31 [Software0]
     32 exe=12-Ants.exe
     33 help=
     34 url=
     35 exe64=x64\12-Ants.exe
     36 group=3
     37 Name=12-Ants
     38 ShortDesc=12-Ants or more for your desktop.
     39 LongDesc=12-Ants or more for your desktop. Itching is not excluded. Watching the little rascals and have fun.12-Ants does not have to be installed and can be executed easily from the desktop, and can be carried on a small usb-stick or other memory device.
     41 [Software1]
     42 exe=4ur-Windows-8-Mouse-Balls.exe
     43 help=
     44 url=
     45 exe64=x64\4ur-Windows-8-Mouse-Balls.exe
     46 group=7
     47 Name=4ur-Windows-8-Mouse-Balls
     48 ShortDesc=4urWin 8 Mouse balls on a elastic rubber-band
     49 LongDesc=4ur Windows 8 Mouse Balls" is a lightweight portable Windows program. 8 or more balls follows the mouse on your windows desktop. It's a small fun program for all Windows-NT systems.
     51 [Software2]
     52 exe=AlwaysMouseWheel.exe
     53 help=
     54 url=
     55 exe64=x64\AlwaysMouseWheel.exe
     56 group=7
     57 Name=AlwaysMouseWheel
     58 ShortDesc=Allows Mouse Wheel in inactive Window
     59 LongDesc=Always Mouse Wheel is a small portable Windows program this gives you the possibility when using the mouse wheel over any window (under the mouse pointer) to scrool via mouse wheel even if the window is not in the foreground e.g focussed.
     61 [Software3]
     62 exe=AutoHideDesktopIcons.exe
     63 help=
     64 exe64=
     65 url=
     66 group=7
     67 Name=AutoHideDesktopIcons
     68 ShortDesc=Auto Hide Desktop Icons Portable Win-App.
     69 LongDesc=AutoHideDesktopIcons is a lightweight portable Windows program. If you use desktop backgrounds, it helps you to see sometimes the wallpapers clean and in full bloom.
     71 [Software4]
     72 exe=AutoHideMouseCursor.exe
     73 help=
     74 url=
     75 exe64=x64\AutoHideMouseCursor.exe
     76 group=7
     77 Name=AutoHideMouseCursor
     78 ShortDesc=Automatically hide the mouse cursor
     79 LongDesc=Automatically hide the mouse cursor with an adjustable timer, it is the right desktop tool when the cursor is too annoying to them, such as when working with word processing programs because often when you enter the text cursor is in the way.
     81 [Software5]
     82 exe=AutoPowerOptionsOK.exe
     83 help=
     84 url=
     85 exe64=
     86 group=7
     87 Name=AutoPowerOptionsOK
     88 ShortDesc=Auto Power Options Customization for Windows
     89 LongDesc=AutoPowerOptionsOK is a very small portable program that allows you to switch your computer from the desktop directly, or the info area of the taskbar (to-tray), for quick access to the power options, and also auto change or adjust the power plan!
     91 [Software6]
     92 exe=BlankAndSecure.exe
     93 help=
     94 url=
     95 exe64=x64\BlankAndSecure.exe
     96 group=6
     97 Name=Blank And Secure
     98 ShortDesc=Portable tool to securely delete the data.
     99 LongDesc="Blank And Secure" is a portable tool to securely delete the data. Secure delete files are required to block the recovering of deleted data.  Secure deletion is possible with this program, because "Blank And Secure" overwrites the data with zeros!
    101 [Software7]
    102 exe=ClassicDesktopClock.exe
    103 help=
    104 url=
    105 exe64=x64\ClassicDesktopClock.exe
    106 group=2
    107 Name=ClassicDesktopClock
    108 ShortDesc=Classic Desktop clock for all Windows OS
    109 LongDesc=The classic desktop clock is a simple Windows desktop clock with different themes and customization. Made on multiple user request, in memory of the Windows 98 SE clock, which was used for the time and date settings.
    111 [Software8]
    112 exe=ColorConsole.exe
    113 help=
    114 url=
    115 exe64=x64\ColorConsole.exe
    116 group=7
    117 Name=ColorConsole
    118 ShortDesc=ColorConsole brings a little color to you.
    119 LongDesc=ColorConsole brings a little color to your black and white world of Windows console . One can save many hand moves and also time!
    121 [Software9]
    122 exe=CpuFrequenz.exe
    123 help=
    124 url=
    125 exe64=
    126 group=7
    127 Name=CpuFrequenz
    128 ShortDesc=Identify the CPU frequency
    129 LongDesc=Small tool to accurately identify the CPU frequency. The PC is slow! Is it the CPU?
    131 [Software10]
    132 exe=DeleteOnRebot.exe
    133 help=
    134 url=
    135 exe64=DeleteOnRebot.exe
    136 group=7
    137 Name=Delete.On.Reboot
    138 ShortDesc=Delete files, directories, folders at reboot
    139 LongDesc=Delete.On.Reboot is a small and effective program when it comes to deleting non-volatile files, directories, subfolders in an elegant way on Windows computer restart.
    141 [Software11]
    142 exe=Desktop.OK.Calendar.exe
    143 help=
    144 url=
    145 exe64=
    146 group=1
    147 Name=Desktop.Calendar.Tray.OK
    148 ShortDesc=Desktop Calendar from To-Tray is O.K.
    149 LongDesc=Desktop.Calendar.Tray.OK is a very small portable program that allows you to display on your computer from the desktop directly or from the notification area of the taskbar (To-Tray) a clear desktop calendar.
    151 [Software12]
    152 exe=DesktopDigitalClock.exe
    153 help=
    154 url=
    155 exe64=x64\DesktopDigitalClock.exe
    156 group=2
    157 Name=DesktopDigitalClock
    158 ShortDesc=Digital Desktop Clock for all Windows OS
    159 LongDesc=The Digital Desktop Clock is a simple Windows desktop clock with different themes and customization. Made on multiple user request, in memory of the Windows 98 SE clock, which was used for the time and date settings.
    161 [Software13]
    162 exe=DesktopNoteOK.exe
    163 help=
    164 url=
    165 exe64=x64\DesktopNoteOK.exe
    166 group=2
    167 Name=DesktopNoteOK
    168 ShortDesc=Alternative to Sticky Note from Windows 7
    169 LongDesc=A very decorative alternative tool known as Sticky Note in Windows 7, the basic functions: overall transparency, note size setting, as well as the selection of different fonts are available and can be customized.
    171 [Software14]
    172 exe=DesktopOK.exe
    173 help=
    174 url=
    175 exe64=x64\DesktopOK.exe
    176 group=2
    177 Name=DesktopOK
    178 ShortDesc=Save and restore the desktop icon positions.
    179 LongDesc=Save and restore the positions of icons. DesktopOK is a small but effective solution for user that have to change the screen resolution often. DesktopOK does not have to be installed and can be executed easily from the desktop.
    181 [Software15]
    182 exe=DesktopSnowOK.exe
    183 help=
    184 url=
    185 exe64=x64\DesktopSnowOK.exe
    186 group=7
    187 Name=DesktopSnowOK
    188 ShortDesc=Magic snow flakes on your Windows Desktop
    189 LongDesc=To add a little winter magic feeling on your Desktop is DesktopSnowOK the right program. "DesktopSnowOK" is a lightweight portable Windows program for 5 or more snow flakes on your windows desktop.
    191 [Software16]
    192 exe=DirPrintOK.exe
    193 help=
    194 url=
    195 exe64=x64\DirPrintOK.exe
    196 group=7
    197 Name=DirPrintOK
    198 ShortDesc=Easy to print the content of a directory list
    199 LongDesc=It is very easy to print the content of a directory with DirPrintOK. DirPrintOK has a print preview with variable aspect ratio and also export functions to XLS, HTML, CSV, TXT. Also for Windows 10 and MS Surface
    201 [Software17]
    202 exe=DontSleep.exe
    203 help=
    204 url=
    205 exe64=x64\DontSleep.exe
    206 group=7
    207 Name=Don't Sleep
    208 ShortDesc=Prevent Shutdown, Stand By, Turn Off, Restart
    209 LongDesc=Don't Sleep is a small program to prevent system Shutdown, Stand By, Turn Off , Restart, Hibernate. Especially when old Programs run on Windows-7 or Windows Vista. Here's more aggressive power-saving features with new rules.
    211 [Software18]
    212 exe=ExperienceIndexOK.exe
    213 help=
    214 url=
    215 exe64=x64\ExperienceIndexOK.exe
    216 group=7
    217 Name=ExperienceIndexOK
    218 ShortDesc=Windows Experience Index reading, recalculate
    219 LongDesc=Effective solution to read and show your Windows Experience Index or to start a new calculation of the performance index. The program is primarily written for Windows 8.1 and the Windows 10.
    221 [Software19]
    222 exe=FavoritenFreund.exe
    223 help=
    224 url=
    225 exe64=
    226 group=5
    227 Name=FavoritenFreund
    228 ShortDesc=
    229 LongDesc=
    231 [Software20]
    232 exe=Find.Same.Images.OK.exe
    233 help=
    234 url=
    235 exe64=x64\Find.Same.Images.OK.exe
    236 group=4
    237 Name=Find.Same.Images.OK
    238 ShortDesc=Quickly find the same or similar pictures.
    239 LongDesc=Find Same Images compares these on a pixel basis, but not only that, you can also find rotated, mirrored and negative images, even if the photo has been resized, well suited for rotated smartphone or iPhone photos.
    241 [Software21]
    242 exe=FontViewOK.exe
    243 help=
    244 url=
    245 exe64=x64\FontViewOK.exe
    246 group=4
    247 Name=FontViewOK
    248 ShortDesc=A quick visual overview of all installed font
    249 LongDesc=The problem is well known: Only the written form is remembered, but the name is forgotten.Here FontViewOK can help. It creates a quick visual overview of all installed fonts. An installation of FontViewOK is not required.
    251 [Software22]
    252 exe=GetWindowText.exe
    253 help=
    254 url=
    255 exe64=x64\GetWindowText.exe
    256 group=7
    257 Name=GetWindowText
    258 ShortDesc=A tool to read the window title and text
    259 LongDesc=Very small and portable program. It can be read almost all the texts, e.g. from Edit, Static, Groupbox - Controls, etc.This program supports also directory trees (SysTreeView32) and list views (SysListView32) to read the entire contents.
    261 [Software23]
    262 exe=IsMyHdOK.exe
    263 help=
    264 url=
    265 exe64=x64\IsMyHdOK.exe
    266 group=7
    267 Name=IsMyHdOK
    268 ShortDesc=SSD, HDD, SD card, USB sticks Quick test
    269 LongDesc=A small program but effective solutionl for a SSD, HDD, SD card, USB stick quick test. Suitable for SSD and HD and other drives.
    271 [Software24]
    272 exe=IsMyLcdOK.exe
    273 help=
    274 url=
    275 exe64=x64\IsMyLcdOK.exe
    276 group=2
    277 Name=IsMyLcdOK
    278 ShortDesc=Check for dead/paralysed/stuck pixels on LCD
    279 LongDesc=IsMyLcdOK is a small program but effective solution to easily check for dead/paralysed/stuck pixels on LCD monitors. IsMyLcdOK does not have to be installed and can be executed easily from the desktop, and can be carried on a small usb-stick .
    281 [Software25]
    282 exe=KeepMouseSpeedOK.exe
    283 help=
    284 url=
    285 exe64=
    286 group=7
    287 Name=KeepMouseSpeedOK
    288 ShortDesc=KeepMouseSpeedOK to keep the Mouse Speed
    289 LongDesc=The automatic hold-the-mouse speed feature for Windows is the right desktop tool if mouse speed changes frequently! On some Windows operating systems, the mouse speed often changes automatically without the user having to change the mouse pointer!
    291 [Software26]
    292 exe=LauschAngriff.exe
    293 help=
    294 url=
    295 exe64=
    296 group=7
    297 Name=LauschAngriff
    298 ShortDesc=
    299 LongDesc=
    301 [Software27]
    302 exe=MagicMouseTrails.exe
    303 help=
    304 url=
    305 exe64=x64\MagicMouseTrails.exe
    306 group=2
    307 Name=MagicMouseTrails
    308 ShortDesc=Magic mouse trails for all Windows OS
    309 LongDesc=The Magic Mouse Trail tool is a simple but also beautiful extension or alternative to the standard Windows mouse tracks with different themes and individual customization.
    311 [Software28]
    312 exe=MeinPlatz.exe
    313 help=
    314 url=
    315 exe64=x64\MeinPlatz.exe
    316 group=7
    317 Name=MeinPlatz
    318 ShortDesc=Easy and fast way to scan for lost disk space
    319 LongDesc=MeinPlatz "My-Place" offers an easy and fast way to scan the hard disk for lost disk space.With analysis on a percentage basis and grouping by folders, file types, size or date. It has also a nice print and export function.
    321 [Software29]
    322 exe=Monitor.Turn.Off.Timer.OK.exe
    323 help=
    324 url=
    325 exe64=
    326 group=7
    327 Name=Monitor.Turn.Off.Timer.OK
    328 ShortDesc=Monitor.Turn.Off.Timer.OK to keep the Mouse Speed
    329 LongDesc=The automatic hold-the-mouse speed feature for Windows is the right desktop tool if mouse speed changes frequently! On some Windows operating systems, the mouse speed often changes automatically without the user having to change the mouse pointer!
    331 [Software30]
    332 exe=MultiClipBoardSlots.exe
    333 help=
    334 url=
    335 exe64=
    336 group=7
    337 Name=MultiClipBoardSlots
    338 ShortDesc=10 extra Clipboard Memory Slots
    339 LongDesc=MultiClipBoardSlots is a small portable program that allows you to extend the Clipboard for up to 10 Clipboard Memory Slots. This allows you easily to insert text, images, and other objects between the programs via freely selectable Windows Hot-Keys!
    341 [Software31]
    342 exe=NewFileTime.exe
    343 help=
    344 url=
    345 exe64=x64\NewFileTime.exe
    346 group=7
    347 Name=NewFileTime
    348 ShortDesc=Corrections and manipulation of timestamp
    349 LongDesc=NewFileTime is a small but effective tool that provides you easy access to corrections and manipulation of timestamp for any file and folder on your system.Several files and/or folders can be dispatched at the same time.
    351 [Software32]
    352 exe=NonCompressibleFiles.exe
    353 help=
    354 url=
    355 exe64=x64\NonCompressibleFiles.exe
    356 group=7
    357 Name=NonCompressibleFiles
    358 ShortDesc=On the fly not or maximum compressible files
    359 LongDesc=NonCompressibleFiles is a small portable program that allows you to create on the fly one or more non-compressible files, or maximum compressible files.
    361 [Software33]
    362 exe=OK.Its.Raining.Men.exe
    363 help=
    364 url=
    365 exe64=x64\OK.Its.Raining.Men.exe
    366 group=2
    367 Name=OK.It's.Raining.Men
    368 ShortDesc=Raindrops on the Windows Desktop 4 all MS-OS
    369 LongDesc=OK.It's.Raining.Men creates magical raindrops on the Windows desktop. With different settings and adjustments: speed, intensity, size, length.
    371 [Software34]
    372 exe=OneLoupe.exe
    373 help=
    374 url=
    375 exe64=x64\OneLoupe.exe
    376 group=2
    377 Name=OneLoupe
    378 ShortDesc=Desktop Screen Magnifier for Windows x32/x64
    379 LongDesc=OneLoupe is required to view everything on the screen enlarged.Simple and easy to use, the small Magnifier is always ready when you need it to   view all fine details, even the small print in the I-Net to decipher. Take OneLuope and stretch screen .
    381 [Software35]
    382 exe=OnlyStopWatch.exe
    383 help=
    384 url=
    385 exe64=x64\OnlyStopWatch.exe
    386 group=7
    387 Name=OnlyStopWatch
    388 ShortDesc=is a watch to stop the time.
    389 LongDesc=OnlyStopWatch is only a watch to stop the time. With milliseconds precision. Optimize your processes.
    391 [Software36]
    392 exe=OpenCloseDriveEject.exe
    393 help=
    394 url=
    395 exe64=x64\OpenCloseDriveEject.exe
    396 group=7
    397 Name=OpenCloseDriveEject
    398 ShortDesc=Safely remove drives and open close DVD, USB
    399 LongDesc=Safely removing drives and opening DVD, Blu-ray drives will become a regular and easy procedure as provided by Microsoft on Windows. Here you can still partition the drives in relation!
    401 [Software37]
    402 exe=PointerStick.exe
    403 help=
    404 url=
    405 exe64=x64\PointerStick.exe
    406 group=7
    407 Name=PointerStick
    408 ShortDesc=Virtual pointer stick on your Windows Desktop
    409 LongDesc=PointerStick is a portable tool that presents on the Windows Desktop a virtual pointer stick, for example for Presentations to highlight the current mouse position and the emphasis on presenting will be better.
    411 [Software38]
    412 exe=ProcessKO.exe
    413 help=
    414 url=
    415 exe64=x64\ProcessKO.exe
    416 group=7
    417 Name=ProcessKO
    418 ShortDesc=Fast close and terminate programs
    419 LongDesc=ProcessKO is a small useful tool to quickly kill a running or hanging  process / program.Creating Favorite-K.O. for fast killing processes or programs! One can save many hand moves and also time !  ProcessKO does not have to be installed.
    421 [Software39]
    422 exe=Q-Dir.exe
    423 help=
    424 url=
    425 exe64=x64\Q-Dir.exe
    426 group=7
    427 Name=Q-Dir
    428 ShortDesc=Really good quad explorer 4 files and folders
    429 LongDesc=Q-Dir the Quad-Directory-Explore makes your files and folder easy to manage. Fast and easy access, with a amazing Quad-Explorer-View technique. Save many hand moves and time! It's a small famous utility for Windows PC-s and also an USB-stick friend.
    431 [Software40]
    432 exe=QuickMemoryTestOK.exe
    433 help=
    434 url=
    435 exe64=x64\QuickMemoryTestOK.exe
    436 group=7
    437 Name=QuickMemoryTestOK
    438 ShortDesc=QuickMemoryTestOK the fast RAM Memory Test
    439 LongDesc=There may be a problem with the RAM, but it is unlikely because the RAM is under scrutiny before being sold. For verification, you can either use a hidden system tool included with Windows, or download and launch an and launch QuickMemoryTest!
    441 [Software41]
    442 exe=QuickTextPaste.exe
    443 help=
    444 url=
    445 exe64=x64\QuickTextPaste.exe
    446 group=7
    447 Name=QuickTextPaste
    448 ShortDesc=Paste pre-defined text via keyboard shortcut.
    449 LongDesc=Quick paste text is a small portable program that allows you to insert (paste) quickly pre-defined text in any Windows applications via keyboard shortcut.
    451 [Software42]
    452 exe=Run-Command.exe
    453 help=
    454 url=
    455 exe64=x64\Run-Command.exe
    456 group=7
    457 Name=Run-Command
    458 ShortDesc=Alternative to standard Windows Run-Dialog
    459 LongDesc=Run-Command is a small, portable windows program and created as an alternative to the standard Windows Run-Dialog. In this program you will find a number of improvements e.g. the function run as administrator and add to favorites commands.
    461 [Software43]
    462 exe=StressMyPC.exe
    463 help=
    464 url=
    465 exe64=
    466 group=2
    467 Name=StressMyPC
    468 ShortDesc=Stress test for your PC. Let him sweat.
    469 LongDesc=Let's see! How long can your laptop battery hold a charge? Or let your PC sweat like a .... Warning! Unstable and overclocked systems can be crashed.
    471 [Software44]
    472 exe=TheAeroClock.exe
    473 help=
    474 url=
    475 exe64=x64\TheAeroClock.exe
    476 group=2
    477 Name=TheAeroClock
    478 ShortDesc=Desktop clock with alpha transparency
    479 LongDesc="The Aero Clock" is a simple but at the same time beautiful desktop clock. This Windows program can be used as a portable avert. This very decorative desktop clock shows the local time at the Desktopt.
    481 [Software45]
    482 exe=ThisIsMyFile.exe
    483 help=
    484 url=
    485 exe64=x64\ThisIsMyFile.exe
    486 group=7
    487 Name=ThisIsMyFile
    488 ShortDesc=Deleting locked or protected files.
    489 LongDesc=ThisIsMyFile is a small and effective program for unlocking and/or deleting locked or protected files. Installation is not required, simply place the ThisIsMyFile on the desktop and drop files on the ThisIsMyFile program icon.
    491 [Software46]
    492 exe=TraceRouteOK.exe
    493 help=
    494 url=
    495 exe64=x64\TraceRouteOK.exe
    496 group=5
    497 Name=TraceRouteOK
    498 ShortDesc=Path that your data travels over the internet
    499 LongDesc=Traceroute track the path that your data travels over the WWW, internet, or the local network. There are many programs of this type, but this is optimized for fast list of data track and quick query of the data route.
    501 [Software47]
    502 exe=WinBin2Iso.exe
    503 help=
    504 url=
    505 exe64=x64\WinBin2Iso.exe
    506 group=7
    507 Name=WinBin2Iso
    508 ShortDesc=WinBin2Iso convert BIN to ISO images.
    509 LongDesc=This small program converts BIN CD images to ISO images. Files over 2GB are also no problem. When it comes to a quick convert, is exactly the WinBin2Iso conversion tool that you need.
    511 [Software48]
    512 exe=WinPing.exe
    513 help=
    514 url=
    515 exe64=
    516 group=7
    517 Name=WinPing
    518 ShortDesc=
    519 LongDesc=
    521 [Software49]
    522 exe=WinScan2PDF.exe
    523 help=
    524 url=
    525 exe64=
    526 group=4
    527 Name=WinScan2PDF
    528 ShortDesc=Save the scanned documents into PDF.
    529 LongDesc=Are you one of those who only occasionally has to send a signed document to someone by e-mail ? Simply save the scanned documents into PDF and save them to a file on your computer. The program is very simple to use.
    531 [Software50]
    532 exe=Zigarettenschachtel-Spruch.exe
    533 help=
    534 url=
    535 exe64=
    536 group=3
    537 Name=Zigarettenschachtel-Spruch
    538 ShortDesc=
    539 LongDesc=