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den4b.nlp (5801B)

      1 [General]
      2 Name=den4b
      3 GroupCount=1
      4 SoftwareCount=8
      7 [Group0]
      8 Name=All Utilities
      9 ShowAll=1
     12 [Software0]
     13 exe=Renamer\ReNamer.exe
     14 help=
     15 url=
     16 exe64=
     17 group=0
     18 Name=ReNamer Pro
     19 AppName=ReNamer Pro
     20 ShortDesc=ReNamer is a very powerful and flexible file renaming tool.
     21 LongDesc=ReNamer is a very powerful and flexible file renaming tool, which offers all the standard renaming procedures, including prefixes, suffixes, replacements, case changes, as well as removing contents of brackets, adding number sequences, changing file extensions, etc. For advanced users there is support for Regular Expressions and a PascalScript rule, which lets users program their very own renaming rule.
     23 [Software1]
     24 exe=Shutter\Shutter.exe
     25 help=
     26 url=
     27 exe64=
     28 group=0
     29 Name=Shutter Lite
     30 AppName=Shutter Lite
     31 ShortDesc=Shutter is a multifunctional scheduling utility.
     32 LongDesc=Shutter is a multifunctional scheduling utility, which has a user friendly and easy-to-use interface and supports many different Events and Actions. Available events: Countdown, On Time, Winamp Stops, CPU Usage, Network Usage, Hard Disk Usage, User Inactive, Battery Low, Window, Process, Ping Stops, File Size Limit, Lid. Available actions: Shutdown, Reboot, Log Off, Lock Workstation, Sleep, Hibernate, Turn Off Monitor, Screen Saver, Volume Control, Hang Up Modem, Alarm, Message, Play Sound, Run Program, Open File, Close Window, Kill Process. Desktop links can be created to execute any of the supported actions directly from desktop. Web Interface allows remote execution of actions and displays run-time information about the computer: Up Time, List of Processes, Screenshot of a Desktop, Program Execution, and more.
     34 [Software2]
     35 exe=Colors\Colors.exe
     36 help=
     37 url=
     38 exe64=
     39 group=0
     40 Name=Colors Lite
     41 AppName=Colors Lite
     42 ShortDesc=Color picker that helps you easily select a desired color using various pallets.
     43 LongDesc=Color picker that helps you easily select a desired color using various pallets. It is also able to pick a color from the currently displayed screen content and supports a number of different color models, i.e. RGB, HSV, HLS, CMYK.
     45 [Software3]
     46 exe=Resizer\Resizer.exe
     47 help=
     48 url=
     49 exe64=
     50 group=0
     51 Name=Resizer Lite
     52 AppName=Resizer Lite
     53 ShortDesc=Batch image resizer.
     54 LongDesc=Batch image resizer. It has an easy to use drag-n-drop interface with variety of options, such as aspect ratio fit methods, target image formats, customizable output filename pattern and more. Supported image formats: BMP, GIF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF.
     56 [Software4]
     57 exe=RandPass\RandPass.exe
     58 help=
     59 url=
     60 exe64=
     61 group=0
     62 Name=RandPass Lite
     63 AppName=RandPass Lite
     64 ShortDesc=Random password generator.
     65 LongDesc=Random password generator. Simple tool for generating random passwords based on specified character set with customizable output format. User can easily select groups of characters used for password like lower case letters, upper case letters, digits, specify custom character set and formatting of the password, check for uniqueness, eliminate similar characters and much more. Application also supports command line execution for unattended generation of passwords.
     67 [Software5]
     68 exe=Hasher\Hasher.exe
     69 help=
     70 url=
     71 exe64=
     72 group=0
     73 Name=Hasher Lite
     74 AppName=Hasher Lite
     75 ShortDesc=Hashing utility for verifying integrity of files using a wide range of supported algorithms.
     76 LongDesc=Hashing utility for verifying integrity of files using a wide range of supported algorithms: CRC32, MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, RipeMD128, RipeMD160, ED2K. All processed files are logged and ready for export to a number of different verification file formats: SFV, MD5SUM, SHA1SUM. Multiple hash types can be generated simultaneously per file. Handy hash and file comparison functions, such as holding SHIFT to compare to next file or CTRL to compare two files, will make this task a breeze.
     78 [Software6]
     79 exe=Hooker\Hooker.exe
     80 help=
     81 url=
     82 exe64=
     83 group=0
     84 Name=Hooker Lite
     85 AppName=Hooker Lite
     86 ShortDesc=Hooker is a lightweight keyboard activity spy.
     87 LongDesc=Hooker is a lightweight keyboard activity spy. It allows capturing of all keystrokes made by the user, including any clipboard changes. Currently active process name and window title can be logged and used for filtering the captured data. It is Unicode aware, so characters generated in any language are going to be recorded correctly, even combining keys such as accents. Advanced logging facility can periodically save all of the activity in a log file, send via email or upload to an FTP server. The program is completely hidden during normal operation and is accessible only with a secret key combination (and a correct password in "Pro" version).
     89 [Software7]
     90 exe=CPUMon\CPUMon.exe
     91 help=
     92 url=
     93 exe64=
     94 group=0
     95 Name=CPUMon Lite
     96 AppName=CPUMon Lite
     97 ShortDesc=CPUMon is a simple little gadget for monitoring CPU performance from your desktop.
     98 LongDesc=CPUMon is a simple little gadget for monitoring CPU performance from your desktop. It displays a real-time graph of CPU performance as well as current usage indicator. Features include user defined colors, transparency, alpha-blending, adjustable update rates, layout presets, window locking, constantly updated CPU speed for mobile and speed step processors, tray icon mode, statistics, memory usage, and more. It comes integrated with a sophisticated processor detection toolkit which provides detailed CPU information, list of supported CPU features and other specifics.